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Product Export Certifications

We are the leading London-based provider of veterinary export health certificates for the worldwide export of food and other animal products from the UK. We run a network of Official Veterinarians (OVs) and Certification Support Officers (CSOs) from the head office in London.

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Friendly Advice

All Destinations Worldwide

The whole business of exporting has become increasingly complicated in recent years as traceability and provenance have become paramount. We offer free advice on the application process required to export products to your destination country. Below is a brief overview of the major export markets; to hear more about the process for each country and product give Dave a call or send us a message.

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No Deal

Brexit Impact

It may be that after a No Deal Brexit there will be a huge increase in the need for Certification, as the UK would become a Third Country in relation to the EU and would no longer enjoy the ability to transport goods as freely. Any movement of animal produce would need to be certified, in a way that it did not before.

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Official Veterinarians

Official Vets (OVs) are veterinary surgeons appointed by government to carry out authorised duties on its behalf, principally the signing of Export Health Certificates to confirm that certain food…

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Export Certificate Advice

The whole business of exporting animal products has become increasingly complicated in recent years as traceability and provenance have become paramount; each destination country can have its own set…

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Established Reputation

We have a long-standing excellent reputation for knowledgable advice, meticulous attention to detail and offering a second-to-none customer service. Dave Cuffe is the Founder of Product Export Cert and…

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This summer the UK government has launched a new campaign to help businesses and individuals prepare for the end of the transition period. The UK has left…

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Dave’s Start-up Story

Below is an abridged and updated version of Dave’s Road to Kenbury: A Practice History that was first produced for the 2018 Open House weekend at The…

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Oval Marks, Traceability and a No Deal Brexit

Over the last few years certification requirements have become more complicated as traceability has become much more important. With Brexit possibly imminent the position is even more…

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Export Certification Process

  • If you export food or other products of animal origin from the UK you may need an Export Health Certificate (EHC).
  • An EHC is an official UK Government document that confirms that certain food or animal products meet the import requirements of another country.
  • The EHC needs to be signed and stamped by an Official Veterinarian (OV) – an authorised inspector. At Product Export Cert we have been certifying ECH’s for 30 years and are market leaders in advising individuals and organisations how to navigate the process and sign off all your appropriate documentation.
  • EHCs are issued by the Centre for International Trade, which is a division of APHA (an executive agency of DEFRA).There are over 1,500 different EHCs available, covering over 130 individual countries. All are unique, specific to a certain country and product. They certify matters such as species and country of origin, disease free status, safe for consumption, processing information and freedom from contamination. Some products may require more than one certificate if they include several ingredients.


    To transport animals, products of animal origin, food for animals or germplasm from the UK to the EU in a no-deal Brexit, you’ll need:

  • an export health certificate, which you need to apply for in advance
  • to get your goods checked at a border inspection post (BIP) that can accept your type of goods, in the first EU country you enter
  • to make sure your EU-based import agent has notified the BIP that your consignment is arriving at least 24 hours in advance
  • to comply with wider HMRC guidance on customs requirements for exporting to the EU

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